Sanilac County COVID cases increase

(SANILAC COUNTY) – In their weekly update, the Sanilac County Health Department continues to report an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases.

The latest numbers of cases in the county since the pandemic started nearly six months ago is now 119.

There are currently 18 active cases and no hospitalizations.

The Southeast quadrant of the county continues to be the hotbed with 45 cases while the Southwest part is reporting 28 cases.

The Northeast section has reported 26 cases while the Northwest section of the county has the fewest cases with 20.

Residents with a Croswell address continue to have the most cases with 24 while Sandusky area residents have 19 cases and Deckerville reports 13 cases.

Marlette has reported 11 cases since earlier this year while Carsonville has leveled off at nine cases.

County Health officials estimate 1,800 people have taken advantage of drive-thru testing.

They say the death toll in the county, which had been at five for several weeks, increased by one in the past week, giving Sanilac County six deaths total.