Sanilac County Road Commission reviews financial reports

Road Commissioners review financials






The Sanilac County Road Commission has collected over $5.2 million dollars in Michigan Transportation funding this year, but in the month of July, they saw their third lowest amount in almost four years.

The County received $524,000 dollars in MTF funds, the lowest amount since February of 2019 when they took in $506,000 dollars and the third lowest since February of 2017 when they received $504,000 dollars.

The lower amount, in part, is a reflection of motorists driving fewer miles since the start of COVID five months ago.

The Road Commission also was reimbursed just over $44,000 from the State for work done by County employees on State roadways and is the lowest amount of reimbursement this year and $13,000 dollars less than the same time last year.

The County has been reimbursed more than $929,000 dollars this year.

In all of 2019, the County received 1.29 million dollars and appear to be on their way to exceeding that amount, due largely to major repairs along M-25 where erosion was a serious problem in Sanilac Township in February.