Sanilac County ISD budget planned

The Sanilac County ISD board has come up with a budget plan for the upcoming school year, following planning sessions last month when final details were hashed out.

The 2020-2021 budget shows overall revenues of $13 million dollars with $6 million of that amount coming from the Special Education line.

General Education revenue is projected to be around $3.3 million while Career/Technical Education estimates income of $3.7 million dollars.

ISD officials predict expenditures of $5.6 million dollars in Special Education, leaving them with a fund equity of just under $2.5 million dollars.

General Education expects expenditures of just over $3.1 million while Career and Technical Education are looking at revenues of almost $3.8 million.

Overall, the ISD has budgeted for just over $13 million in revenue and $12.5 million in expenditures, leaving them with a fund balance of slightly more than $5 million dollars.