Motorists in Huron County beware!

Motorists in Huron County should be aware. Huron County Sheriff Kelly Hanson has deputies keeping an eye on speeding with a new device. He said the department officially began using a new speed deterrent device Wednesday.

The first assignment for the new Speed Alert Radar Trailer was in Hume Twp. to alert motorist of their speed.

If a vehicle is approaching the radar and going too fast, red and blue lights will accompany the actual speed being displayed on the sign.

The device is also capable of remote still picture surveillance, tamper notification and vehicle data such as recording each vehicle’s time of passing and its highest speed.

In order to get familiar with it, the device was placed on S. Hanselman St. in Bad Axe this week.

Hanson said the hope is drivers will slow down for those who are pushing the limits in areas commonly complained about for speeding or careless driving.

The project was made possible through a Secondary Road Patrol Grant of nearly $10,000.

Sheriff Hanson says the plan is to rotate the radar through different areas of concern in the county.