May school elections impacted by COVID-19 virus

Two school elections in Sanilac County are feeling the impacts of the COVID-19 virus and as a result, have had to make decisions about the upcoming May school elections.

Sanilac County Clerk Denise McGuire said the two districts, Sandusky and Carsonville-Port Sanilac, chose to go different routes. The Sandusky school board has decided to withdraw their millage proposal and have it placed on the August Primary ballot.

Meanwhile, C-PS has decided to keep their May election and will be among those in the State conducting an election totally by absentee ballots in the mail.

McGuire, who has spent countless hours on the phone with State election officials, said the state has agreed to cover the cost of sending ballots to nearly 2,700 voters in the Carsonville-Port Sanilac district.

Voters will return their ballots to their respective voting precincts and they will eventually be tallied for final results.