Kingston schools must change logo

Iowa State University and Kingston have something in common and it is not setting well with the Cyclones. Late last year, Iowa State officials contacted Kingston that their swirling Cardinal logo was too similar to theirs and the high school could face federal copyright infringement. The college has said it is willing to work with the high school on the issue to allow them to transition to a new logo, but they want the logo changed, soon. According to officials, Kingston has used the logo for two decades, not knowing there was an issue. Over that time, the school added the spiraling twister to their Cardinal. An order for school spirit attire by Kingston brought the issue to light. The school’s gym floor was recently re-done, with a new logo of the Cardinal spinning out of the twister, costing the district a large sum of money. Now the school is being forced to change everything that has the infringed logo on it, from the gym floor, to uniforms, spirit wear and more. Since the issue came to light in December, the district started working with a couple different graphic designers to come up with some possibilities for a new logo. A meeting to discuss the issue is scheduled for tomorrow evening at the school.