Police investigate videos of alleged solicitation of children

(PORT HURON) – Videos of someone confronting three men that he claimed he connected with over chat apps while masquerading as a 15-year-old boy developed into meeting in public, recording the encounters in live time.

Three different men were approached, all in separate videos regarding soliciting young children with the videos being posted on Facebook.

Police have become involved, investigating the allegations, but are warning people to not get involved in self-investigations of predators.

While the videographer contacted police regarding what was filmed, the St. Clair County Sheriff Department says at least one of the three men being filmed has filed a complaint against the person behind the camera.

A similar incident last weekend in Tuscola and Bay County resulted in the arrest of a 47-year old Caro man who thought he was meeting up with a 14-year old child, but instead was met by a 27-year old man recording the meeting and posting it online.