Tempers flare at Sanilac Board of Commission meeting













An attorney speaks to the Sanilac County Board explaining Drain Procedures


For the second meeting in a row, Tuesday’s Sanilac County Board of Commission meeting was filled with tension, anger, shouting and even foul language.

During the January 7th meeting, newly elected Chairman Bob Conley and Commissioner Joe O’Mara were tangled in a war of harsh words over continued controversy involving the Drain Commission.

At Tuesday’s meeting, O’Mara, who did not place his hand over his heart for the Pledge of Allegiance, was again singled out by audience members who had spoken with him over the phone, claiming the Commissioner had used foul language at them.

During Tuesday’s heated meeting, O’Mara was told he was a spineless expletive and did not deserve to be on the board.

In a related issue, several people in the audience spoke of the importance of their 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms and encouraged the Board to make a resolution proclaiming Sanilac County as a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary.

Later in the meeting, District 5 Commissioner and Board Vice-Chairman Joel Wyatt suggested a resolution be crafted making Sanilac County a Sanctuary, like many counties across the state are doing.

O’Mara was the lone dissenting vote in a 4-1 decision to proceed with the issue.

The board also heard a presentation from an attorney who attended the meeting with Sanilac County Drain Commissioner Greg Alexander, explaining Drain Procedures and how the Drain Commissioner is bound to the State Statute, not the Board of Commission.

Alexander and O’Mara have been at odds for weeks on the operations of the Drain Office, with Alexander insisting he has followed the law he is bound to, by the State Drain Code.