Community meeting to be held for possible center

(SANDUSKY) – A community center may be in the future for Sanilac County, and depending on the response from the public, Sandusky may be the home of the development.

Sandusky city council members, at their meeting Monday evening, discussed the possibility of having a community meeting to see what the public may or may not like to see.

City Manager Dave Faber told Sanilac Broadcasting council felt it should be a countywide issue, not just a Sandusky issue and officials are organizing a round-table meeting early next month to discuss ideas.

The former Maple Valley school has been listed for sale, along with nearly 20 acres of land around the school. The city manager said the city’s facebook page has been filled with positive responses to utilizing the Maple Valley school as a community center county residents could utilize.

City officials see many potential uses for the former school as Faber commented, “Personally, I’d like it to be used as a birth to death thing if you will – something for all ages, from young ones which they currently have with the Baby Pantry and programs like that, to the senior citizens who are very active there with bingo and dances and other activities.”

He added, “this meeting is important. We want to get a feel of what is out there for ideas and suggestions. Do county residents want to be involved? Do we have a centrally-located center here in Sandusky? I can tell you, no one community has funds to pull this off on their own. What better way top draw people to our county than to add another reason for people to live, work and play in Sanilac County. So, we’ll see where it goes, if anywhere.”

Faber stressed nothing has been determined, other than to have a meeting. As for funding, he said it’s possible a community center could be funded by donations and a fund-raising effort, or if people want to see the center become reality and don’t mind a small tax, it could be tax-funded.

“Personally”, Faber said, “I wouldn’t mind paying another $50 a year (new tax) to have this, but that’s just me. I know everyone is tired of taxes, but, yet they also want services and things to do. This has the potential to be a great opportunity.”

Faber said the school district listing the property has pushed previous ideas forward to discussion of what could possible be done. The meeting will be held at a yet-to-be-determined neutral site.

The portion of the school owned by the Sanilac County ISD is not for sale.

Faber said a meeting date and location will be announced in the coming days.