Erosion causing concern for portion of M-25

(SANILAC TOWNSHIP) – Gale force winds slammed walls of water over 20 feet high onto the shoreline of Lake Huron in Sanilac County, causing serious erosion to property all along M-25 last weekend.

Homes in the Lexington area are in danger of falling into the lake and in a portion of M-25 in Sanilac Township, Sanilac County Road Commission workers are scrambling to prevent a portion of the highway from falling into the lake.

Road Commission officials said they are having large boulders shipped from Alpena to the area, south of Port Sanilac, to create a temporary breakwall.

The $200,000 project is expected to take at least a week to complete, in hopes the erosion will subside. Currently the highway is 10 to 15 feet from collapsing into the lake.

Road Commission officials said due to the four-hour trip, one way, from Alpena, getting the boulders to the site is time consuming.

Crews have built up a temporary drive down to the water, some 30 feet or more below the road surface, to get the equipment in place to build the wall.

M-25 is reduced to one lane in the area while work is being done.