Marlette golf course may be developed by hospital owners

(SANILAC COUNTY) – Depending on final approval from Marlette officials, the Marlette Golf Club could be transformed in the site of a $9.5 million project beginning early next year.

Bluewater Healthcare Network, the parent company for Marlette Regional Hospital said in a zoning application the hospital wants to develop 50 of the 100 acres of land currently being used as a golf course.

It went on to say there are plans to develop an assisted living facility on the property that could consist of assisted living, memory care, and independent living.

Future expansion plans on land could consist of outpatient care facilities, skilled nursing facilities and administrative offices. Among the buildings planned is a one-story assisted living building with an area of around 32,000 square feet, six one-story, two-unit independent living villas with an area of 1,400 square feet per unit and seven one-story four-unit independent living villas with an area of 1,400 square feet per unit.

Hospital officials say the golf course property was chosen as it is right across the street from the hospital and immediately adjacent to three other parcels owned by the hospital.

The preliminary plans are to have 20 assisted living beds and 12 dedicated memory care beds in the assisted living building.

The independent villas plan is to have 24 units with either a single or double bedroom. It could house up to 80 residents if filled to capacity.