Dunkin the pig takes a morning walk; returns home

(TUSCOLA COUNTY) – Caro police officers had a porker of a problem early Tuesday morning when they received a call of this little piggy going for a walk, in town. Officers responded to the area of Hamilton and Adams Streets around 7:30 a.m. with a wandering pot bellied pig.

Police quickly went to Facebook, posting a picture of the friendly piggy and asking anyone who was missing their pig to contact them. Within minutes, the Facebook post had been seen my may, including the owner who quickly put the ham-mer down to go to the PD office and retrieve her prized porker.

The owner said the plump porker named Dunkin, decided it was a nice day to go for a walk and waddled across two roads to a neighbors house.

Dunkin was reported to have made a visit with a neighborhood rabbit and did not make a pig of himself.

He was returned home safely and reported to be taking a well-deserved nap after his porker of a morning.