Brown City’s Harrington Inn saved from fire

The Harrington Inn owner, Jack Nickens of Marlette, shared the following information with Sanilac Broadcasting:

(BROWN CITY) – Quick action by two Brown City men saved the Harrington Inn from burning to the ground and possibly saved lives in the process.

Owner Jack Nickens said his business was reported to be on fire last week, with at least eight people inside four upstairs apartments.

Nickens said Nick Freeman and Gary Eban were walking past the Harrington around 2:30 a.m. and noticed smoke. They called 911 and went up to the second floor, grabbed a fire extinguisher and helped put the fire out before firemen arrived.

Nickens said, without question, the two men saved his business of 23 years from burning.

According to the business owner, Brown City, Speaker Township and Goodland Township fire departments responded to the fire.

One apartment was destroyed in the fire, that was started by a toaster, but Nickens said the downstairs business was open the next day, thanks to the quick action of Freeman and Eban.