Department heads report to Sanilac Commissioners

(SANDUSKY) – It was a busy day of work for the Sanilac County Board of Commissioners at their meeting earlier this week. Sheriff department personnel told Commissioners Sanilac County has been accepted in to a regional group with Tuscola and Lapeer County that provides rehab services for inmates.

The program is funded with federal and state money and the coalition has seen positive results in helping inmates.

Sanilac County Mental Health Director Will Morris said the new Croswell clinch is doing very well, with several new clients. Morris noted he thought program participation numbers would have been higher, but he is pleased with the success of the clinic.

He said an open house is being planned for the Croswell location and another clinic is being considered for elsewhere in the county, although no location has been selected.

Treasurer Trudy Nichol told Commissioners the auditors will be coming to the County building next week or the annual audit. Aside from being extremely busy preparing for the audit, she said staff is prepared and ready to assist with whatever the auditors need.

Nichol also said her department has been working townships on foreclosures and noted the amount of foreclossures this year is down considerably. The 17 foreclosures on the books this year is the lowest it has been in the past seven years.