Cros-Lex administrator under investigation for inappropriate conduct

Cros-Lex Superintendent Daniel Gilbertson has issued a statement from the school district, notifying parents that an administrator has been placed on paid, non-disciplinary leave. In the letter, Gilbertson said Damien Pepin, a Principal of the district’s Alternative Education Program is being investigated for alleged complaints of inappropriate conduct toward a student and former student. Gilbertson said once the district was notified of the complaint, Pepin was placed on leave. Noting the right to privacy, Gilbertson said the school district will have no further comment unless further information is deemed appropriate for public release.

Below is the full text of a letter to parents released by Cros-Lex schools Friday afternoon:

February 15, 2019

Dear Croswell-Lexington Families:

I am writing to let you know that the District has placed Mr. Damien Pepin, a Principal of the District’s Alternative Education Program, on a paid, non-disciplinary leave while it investigates complaints of inappropriate conduct toward a student and former student. 

      In unusual cases such as this, where current and former high school students have been involved, the District’s first               priority is to follow policies and procedures that ensure the safety and support of our students, as well as protecting the           rights of staff members and alumni.  Once the district was notified of a complaint, and under the advisement of the                 District’s legal council, Mr. Pepin was placed on a paid, non-disciplinary leave.

It is the District’s policy not to speculate while complaints are being investigated.  We respect the privacy of our employees, and students, thus we will not make any further statements at this time.  ​​​​​​​

As further information becomes available that is appropriate to release to the public, we will promptly update you.



Daniel Gilbertson