Croswell councilman resigns; city officials take heat for alleged private meetings

(CROSWELL) – Citing alleged decisions being made behind closed doors and claims of lack of transparency to the city’s residents, Croswell city council member Jeremy McClellan has resigned his position effective immediately.

In his letter to City Administrator Sam Moore, McClellan said he had moral and trust issues with both Moore and other council members. Moore, who in an attempt to review the structure of the city administration and considering possible changes, allegedly conducted behind-door meetings where changes were discussed in the police department.

In a letter written by Moore, he explains he had a meeting with Police Chief Dave Hall that became heated, as a result of previous conversations.

McClellan says he wants to serve the city in a positive manner and not be a part of council that is not totally transparent.

The turmoil continued in Croswell over the weekend as City Hall continues to simmer, as a result of what City Administrator Sam Moore said was an attempt to evaluate the city administrative structure.

According to documents, including a letter penned by himself, Moore said meetings were held to consider a trainee to possibly join the police department, assuming the Police Chief would retire.

Police Chief Dave Hall knew nothing of the discussions concerning his department until, as Moore said in his letter, the City Administrator attempted to meet with the Chief and trainee.

Since that time, Tyler Martin, the person tapped by some city officials to be the trainee, has come forward with a letter stating he was not aware proper communications with the police department were not followed.

He was also stuck with the tab for buying his own equipment and clothing to go to the Academy.

City officials have not said if Martin will be reimbursed.