Sandusky To Hire Community Police Officer

Sandusky city council and Police Chief Bret Lester have been working to find a solution to the revolving door in the police department as the city tries to retain officers. Monday night at their monthly meeting, council members gave Chief Lester the approval to pursue hiring a Community Police Officer, with the city footing the bill for attending Police Academy at Delta College later this summer. Both Chief Lester and City Manager Dave Faber said they have researched the issue and have a candidate in mind who appears interested in the position. Faber said the goal is to retain an officer for several years, someone who has a vested interest in the community. Although not yet identified by Faber or Chief Lester, the candidate currently works on Sanilac EMS and Sandusky fire department. It’s expected the candidate would complete all training and be on duty early next year.