Caseville Township Resident Reports Scam

A Caseville Township resident tipped off Huron County Sheriff deputies after almost falling for a scam on Friday, June 29.

The resident reported receiving a call from a number of 1-800-934-6489, with the caller ID indicating that the call was from “Comcast.” After answering, the resident spoke to a man claiming that someone from Nigeria had hacked their computer and the caller needed access to the resident’s computer to fix it. The caller spoke with what is believed to be an Indian accent and further instructed the targeted resident to log into the computer and go to with a provided code.The code would allegedly give the “Comcast” caller access to the computer. It apparently worked, with the computer screen flashing several times before pornographic material appeared. The caller claimed the computer was damaged and required a Sonicwall TZ300 to fix it. After telling the resident that “Comcast” did not currently have the product on hand, the caller requested $500, saying that Comcast would reimburse the complainant once protocol was followed.

At this point, the resident suspected the call was a scam, especially after being asked for their credit card information. After questioning the caller’s legitimacy and hanging up, the resident called an 800 number from a past Comcast bill. The company told the complainant that situations are not handled in such a manner and to immediately unplug the hacked computer so sensitive information, such as banking or other personal details, could not be accessed. Huron County Sheriff deputies further advised the resident to cancel all credit cards, obtain new ones and to contact all their banks.

Sheriff Kelly J. Hanson advises to never give financial or personal information over the phone, and to contact local police if a possibly illegitimate call or letter is received so help determining validity can be given.