Area election results; Huron County says yes to schools

Voters go to the polls in the Thumb area

(THUMB REGION) – The third time was the charm for school district officials after voters in the community of Algonac, in southern St. Clair County, approved a two-mill sinking fund request by a margin of 1,940 yes to 1,340 no.

The approval will generate $12 million dollars over the next 10 years for the district, allowing for school maintenance and upgrades. A similar request had failed in two previous votes.

Meanwhile, voters in Tuscola County decided the fate of several school proposals Tuesday including ballot questions in Cass City and Vassar. A bond issue in Cass City passed by nearly a 3 to 1 margin, 590-236 while a second attempt to pass a bond in Vassar was successful, 1,140 to 944.

However, in Millington, voters rejected two bonding questions before them by a wide margin. The first was 561 yes to 733 no, while the second proposal failed 527 yes to 763 no.

In Huron County, officials in several school districts are extremely happy with the results after county taxpayers gave approval of all school requests, as well as two County proposals. Millage renewals for the County Road Commission and the County Medical Care Facility easily passed by large margins.

The Caseville Schools operating Millage, North Huron Bonding Proposal, Laker Bonding Proposal and Sinking Fund and Ubly bond issues also were successful. Ballot proposals in Oliver Township for its zoning ordinance, Port Austin Township’s library renewal millage and the Sigel Township Fire Protection Millage also passed.