Sandusky School Board Meeting

Mark Davidson, President of the Sandusky School Board, called an education meeting on Wednesday August 16th to discuss some of the school board’s top priorities heading into the new school year.
Two new propane buses were approved to replace two 2015 propane buses. The 3-year lease amount totaled up to $28,158.28 per year and that amount was already in the school’s budget for the 2017-18 school year.
4-H representative of the Clay Target Shooting League, Cindy Leen, was introduced at the meeting. Another topic that was brought up was the approval of adding a High School Clay Target Shooting team beginning in spring 2018. The committee will discuss the topic and the approval of the sport will be brought up at the next school board meeting. She gave the presentation for the league which featured the rules and regulations of what the league entailed.
The meeting also featured the personnel that was hired for the new school year. They were happy to announce that all positions have been filled!
Other news from the meeting included a letter read from Superintendent Flynn about the MHSAA congratulating Sandusky High School for receiving no negative official’s reports of concern, ejection, or sportsmanship during the previous school year. Superintendent Flynn also read a letter from the Administrative Review commending the Sandusky Community School District with a job well done in assisting with the Summer Food Service Program.