Up next for Dylann Roof: 2nd trial, long death row wait

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) – Dylann Roof’s death sentence this week for killing nine black church members ends one chapter in his case, but it’s far from over. Roof has indicated he will appeal his federal punishment and there are nine murder charges looming in state court.

Roof isn’t heading to federal death row yet. Assistant U.S. Attorney Jay Richardson said Wednesday that Roof will likely stay in the Charleston County jail until his state charges are resolved.

Roof is the 63rd inmate sent to federal death row, according to the Death Penalty Information Center. But in the past 50 years, the federal government has executed just three people – Including Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh – and none since 2003.

Even if a South Carolina jury convicts Roof and sentences him to death, there is no guarantee of a swift execution. The prisons director in South Carolina has said the state’s drugs needed to carry out lethal injections have expired and they have been unable to buy a new supply.