Lawsuit filed by school district

(Croswell) – The Cros-Lex school district is hoping to recover some of their expenses following an unsettled year that saw administrators resign, others hired and citizens up in arms over what took place. The school board filed a lawsuit in Sanilac County Circuit Court December 13th against a law firm that has represented them for years.

At issue is an $800,000 severance package for two former administrators, Julie Western and Anne Wood, negotiated by an attorney with the Thurn Law Firm. That firm has since been fired by the school district. According to the lawsuit, the case involves the alleged legal malpractice of a firm and lawyer who held themselves out as experts in education and labor law.

The district is asking that Thrun Law Firm reimburse it for the attorneys’ fees paid in relation to the separation of Western and Wood from the district and also damages in excess of $25,000, to be determined at trial.