Sandusky buys bus; computers

The Sandusky school board gave the approval to several matters Wednesday night including the expenditure of additional bond money for technology improvements. Noting their lease of laptop computers for the teaching staff was nearing the end and the units were not working properly, the board agreed to purchase 60 new laptops at a cost not to exceed $74,000 for teaching staff.

The board also gave approval to the purchase of two 32-station Chromebook computer carts at a cost of just over $19,000. Superintendent Michael Carmean pointed out to the board there is still $250,000 of bond money designated for district technology upgrades at a later date.

In other board business, a new school bus will be added to the Sandusky fleet at a cost of $90,733. The new propane fueled bus will replace one that was 16 years old and having major mechanical issues. Carmean said the district has 11 buses in the fleet with two being spares. Several of them are fueled by propane, saving the district a considerable amount of money.