Sanilac ISD to receive grant funding

The Sanilac County ISD has received verbal confirmation of being awarded a $55,000 grant that will allow them to purchase equipment for several student programs. ISD Superintendent Duane Lange expects to receive official notice of the grant next month.

Lange said the State of Michigan has provided $3 million dollars to ISDs throughout Michigan for the grant program. The additional funding allows them to purchase technology equipment for the automotive program, diagnostic equipment for healthcare students, surveying equipment and a Drone.

Lange said it is a one-time program of funding programs or equipment that are not part of the regular ISD budget.

In other ISD board news, a new glider has been approved for purchase and will be installed at Maple Valley school in the spring. The equipment will be part of the school’s playground and will have a handicap access ramp for wheelchair students.

The $21,000 cost of the new glider was entirely provided with donations from local organizations. ISD students will prepare the site for installation to save on costs with a company being hired to build the unit some time next year.