Energy efficiency projects net MIS incentive check from Consumers Energy

BROOKLYN, Mich. (March 7, 2016) — Consumers Energy is supporting the efforts of Michigan International Speedway to be the “greenest” NASCAR track in the country with a $29,460 energy efficiency incentive check.

“We applaud MIS for completing projects that help them do business sustainably in Michigan,” said Garrick Rochow, Consumers Energy’s vice president and chief customer officer. “In addition to their projects qualifying for an incentive check from us and saving the speedway $60,835 in annual natural gas, electricity and maintenance costs, the projects equate to avoiding enough carbon to equal planting 796 trees each year.”

MIS earned the incentive by completing lighting projects and for a building automation system upgrade in 2015. They changed to energy-efficient LED lighting in their tunnel and for the exterior of the Administration building. The automation system for the Infield Suites building was upgraded to incorporate temperature setback and occupancy settings.

“We are committed to becoming a leader in environmental conservation and sustainability. In fact, we’ve made it a goal to be the greenest speedway in NASCAR,” said Roger Curtis, MIS president. “Consumers Energy has been very supportive in our efforts and has provided exceptional guidance in helping us save money, save energy and save the environment.”

In addition to the energy efficiency incentive check, Consumers Energy – recently ranked second in the country for sustainability among energy providers by Sustainalytics – and MIS have worked together to increase environmental conservation:
-MIS received Consumers Energy’s Green Generation Customer of the Year in 2015 when it became the largest participant to match 100 percent of its energy use with renewables.
-Worked together to provide 50,000 trees to the Michigan Association of Conservation Districts to be planted across Michigan.
-Share a vision of increasing solar energy in Michigan. MIS has installed solar panels on site, and Consumers Energy has a new Solar Gardens program now available for customer enrollments. Learn more at