Thumb Soybean Festival in Brown City Cancelled in 2016

(BROWN CITY) — A lack of volunteers has resulted in the cancellation of the 2016 Thumb Soybean Festival in Brown City. City Manager Clint Holmes says that a one time, the festival had 60 volunteers and that number has dwindled down over time. Last year’s festival cost around $20,000 with the city taking on overtime paid to the DPW and city police officers, the liability insurance policy for the fireworks show and even a considerable donation towards the fireworks display. The need is for volunteers to help organize events including the parade, vendors, and car show. The Soybean Festival Board will meet again next September 15 in hopes of recruiting some new faces to volunteer. According to Holmes, if there is a lack of interest from residents the festival will not continue; however, if enough people attend there could be a festival in 2017. The other issue is funding. There is currently around $3,000 in the festival fund, so a considerable amount of fundraising would have to be taken into account. Also discussed during Monday night’s Brown City council meeting was the need for members on the Evergreen Cemetery Board. The board will meet on January 19 at 9 a.m. in the Brown City Library. It is required to have five members and currently only has three. Any resident interested in serving as a member of the organization are asked to contact city hall at 810-346-2325.