Marijuana seized in Sanilac County Drug Raid

(LAMOTTE TOWNSHIP) — Sanilac County Drug Task Force officers raided a home in the 2000 block of Lamton Road in Sanilac County’s Lamotte Township last Tuesday after receiving information of illegal marijuana growing at the residence. Officers seized over 355 pounds of dried marijuana plants and plant remnants. There was 10.5 pounds of processed marijuana found in totes, boxes, jars, and shelves throughout the home and out buildings on the property. Along with the drugs, processing equipment and cash was seized. Three adults living at the home, a 66-year old man, 44-year old man, and 18-year old woman, were questioned. Officers learned that no one had a job or other sources of income and none had a medical marijuana caregiver or user card. The investigation continues and no arrests have been made.

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