Dog shot in head with arrow now up for adoption near Detroit

(AREA) — A 2-year-old dog that was shot in the head with an arrow in late March is now up for adoption from a nonprofit animal rescue in Monroe County. The arrow was lodged above her left eye and was later removed by a veterinarian. Gemma, a retriever mix, spent months recovering at the Devoted Barn, which sits on a 53-acre farm in Newport, about 30 miles south of Detroit. Devoted Barn owner Melissa Borden says that Gemma’s time at the facility has allowed her to interact and feel comfortable around other dogs. Borden says Gemma also has learned tricks and interacted with strangers while taking part in a program with students at the Macomb County Juvenile Justice Center School. Gemma’s former owner, Christopher Scott of Goodland Township, is charged in Lapeer County with one count of torturing animals. He faces up to 4-years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

Picture courtesy of The Devoted Barn