Maison’s trial date pushed back to 2016

(PORT HURON) — The Port Huron couple charged in the death of a 5-year old Mackenzie Maison will face a jury trial next year. Andrew and Hilery Maison, Mackenzie’s father and stepmother, now have a trial date of January 20 to allow their lawyers more time to obtain and evaluate evidence. The date was also changed from November 3 so it didn’t conflict with Hilery’s due date, as she is expecting another child. The ruling was made during a hearing Monday. The Maison’s have been charged with murder, torture, and first-degree child abuse in the death of Mackenzie and alleged abuse of her younger sister. Mackenzie was found unresponsive in the couple’s home back in May and was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Authorities say Mackenzie was malnourished and weighed only 25 pounds at the time of her death. Medical experts say she also suffered from pneumonia and an infection. Her sister Makayla, was taken to a hospital and treated for malnourishment. She weighed only 17 pounds. Several other motions filed by the Maison’s lawyers will be considered by Judge Daniel Kelly in the next week.