Chief judges appointed in effort to improve trial courts

(AREA) — The Michigan Supreme Court has appointed chief judges for circuit, probate, district and municipal courts statewide as part of an effort to improve efficiency and service at the state’s trial courts. The state’s high court announced the appointment of 50 multi-court chief judges on Wednesday, saying the number of single-court chief judges appointed to lead trial courts has been cut by two-thirds since 2010. In the past, each circuit, probate, and district court had its own chief judge and related bureaucracy. Chief Justice Robert Young Jr. says in a statement that multi-court chief judges “are better positioned to make the difficult decisions needed to help streamline court processes.” In St. Clair County, Judge Daniel J. Kelly was appointed to the 31st Circuit, Probate, and 72nd District Court. The appointments are for a two-year term starting January 1.